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Do you have a play that you need music for? Or perhaps a video that needs a soundtrack? Do you want a specially composed piece of music for a corporate function or a special occasion? Your organisation may have a visual identity, but does it have an aural one?

I have experience composing for many different mediums from critically acclaimed plays, to musical theatre to films. I have learnt to work in various different genres but I like to specialise in acoustic instrumentation where my primary focus is on texture and the emotional impact of the music that I write.

My music is accessible and I believe suited to a wide variety of applications. Pieces are quotes based on the number of instruments and the brief of the composition (including the required length).

Prices start from £30 per minute. Compositions are delivered as a manuscript but part printing for musicians or a recording can be added as part of a bigger package of services for a discount.

Orchestrating & Arranging

I have experience in orchestrating for small and large ensembles across a number of different genres. Pieces of music can be orchestrated from sheet music that is already orchestrated for a new ensemble or it can come from something like a simple lead sheet or piano accompaniment.

If you need a piano reduction, reduced conductor’s score or rehearsal score, I can provide this service too. My training and previous work in theatre and film means that I am used to writing for specially tailored ensembles and for writing across many different instrument types.

Orchestrations are normally delivered as a manuscript but you can combine this service with printing, binding or virtual orchestra work. Pieces are quoted based on length, the type of source material and the brief of the project. Prices start from £20 per piece.

Notation, Copyist Work & Music Sourcing

Do you have hand written sheet music which needs to be notated? Do you have old and tatty printed sheet music which you would like to be reprinted? Would you like music written in a different key for your instrument or your voice? If you have written your own sheet music or instrument parts and would like them checked for common errors, respaced and brought up to publishing standards, I can do this for you as well.

Pieces are quoted based on the length and the quality of the source material. Notation of handwritten scores begins at £10 per page and £5 per page of printed sheet music. Pieces are submitted as a manuscript but a Sibelius file can be provided for a 10% supplement. Key changing is charged at an additional £10 per piece. Score proofing is charged at £10 per page of A4 (score proofing is included free of charge for all my own compositions and orchestration work of course!).

If you need a piece of sheet music sourcing I can help find it using my contacts in various fields. A flat fee of £10 is charged per work to find the music. If sheet music is to be delivered to you (e.g. music books) then the music will be charged at cost.

MIDI, Track Work & Virtual Orchestra Recordings

I have the technology and expertise to create highly realistic instrumental recordings. These have a variety of applications such as backing tracks, realisations of your own compositions (or those of others), soundtracks for TV or film or click tracks to be used alongside live musicians, virtual sessions and so on.

Prices start at £20 per piece. Larger project fees (such as complete musicals or albums) can be negotiated. I can provide midi files of compositions or provide clean notated versions of midi files; prices start at £10 per piece depending on the source material.

Score Preparation & Binding

I can produce professional standard printed sheet music and bound instrument parts (that have been, surprisingly enough, prepared with the instrumentalist in mind – so many get this wrong!). This can be directly from a Sibelius or Finale file, or perhaps you’d like to use another service (notation from handwritten score) as part of a solution.

A variety of options are available for the materials used such as weighted paper, lightweight card and laid paper in a variety of colours, sizes and finishes. Scores and parts can be bound using comb binding or placed in ring binders for you. If you have a particular look or feel, then I can provide a quote for more bespoke production.

If you aren’t sure what you need, I can advise a suitable and cost effect solution for you based on your project. Prices start from £5 per binding. A bound score and instrument parts for a 2 hour musical, for example, will cost approximately £150 using standard materials.


I am a flautist specialising in flute family instruments including piccolo, alto flute, bass flute, recorders and irish whistles.

I am available for recording sessions, short runs of shows/gigs including one night gigs. I have experience playing for theatre, recording sessions, playing in ensembles (orchestras, wind bands etc) as well as in more unconventional performance set ups such as live jazz and gospel.

Unless otherwise negotiated, performances are charged at £50 per performance, £30 per rehearsal and a 20% doubling fee is applied when multiple instruments are required. Work as a soloist is charged at £100 per performance. A session fee of 20% is added for recordings.

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